UK House Sitting Prices

Fair fees and no hidden charges

My UK house sitting prices are based on providing you with a high-calibre service and prior meet-and-greet in your home, so you can go away worry-free with absolute peace of mind.

Every clients’ needs are different and some sits will require more time and energy than others so is priced according to the work involved. But we both know, choosing a sitter is definitely not just about price. It’s about peace of mind especially where beloved pets are involved.


Fees are £25 – £75 per 24h/overnightaverage is £285 per weekdepending on the size of the house and garden, number and type of animals, the level of upkeep/care, supervision/play/walks needed, the skills required and the length of stay.

By way of examples:

  • A long-term sits of 3+ months will attract a lower fee than sits of a few weeks.
  • Dogs require more time/work than cats so the fee is higher.
  • A large property requires more upkeep than a smaller property.
  • Pets that require injections or oral /ear medication need more skills and supervision.

What you get for your daily fee is outlined on the Services page and to help you make an informed decision I’ve provided a few pros and cons of the three main options for pet care in the FAQs. Hopefully this helps you see what you’re paying for in terms of value for money, reliability, 24/7 care standards and peace of mind. Cancellation/refunds are also addressed in the FAQs.


I understand completely the questions and anxieties people have about house sitters – again see FAQs. And maybe you have friends telling you it’s weird having a stranger come into your home. But years of successful house and pet sitting, and good experiences on both sides, we know this arrangement works if you do your due diligence.

While you can decide based on comparing UK house sitting prices, your choice of sitter is more likely to be based on how comfortable and confident you feel leaving your beloved pets and home in someone else’s hands.

I prefer to schedule a visit before confirming anything. As one client said, they booked me because “you seem very normal”, and another because “we all immediately felt at ease with you” and I’m often told “he/she [the pet] doesn’t usually go to new people!” and next thing they’re nuzzling my hand or on my lap. 

And that’s exactly why I don’t use an online booking system, why I always call and visit first and why I don’t sit for free anymore. As the old adage says, you get what you pay for. I’m reliable, friendly and provide a high standard of care for both your home and your pets, and I think that’s worth a lot.

For most this means reassurance. I want you to get to know me and vice versa, to see that what you get is a highly professional but amicable arrangement, not a ‘hope and a prayer’ you have with free sitters or even agencies where you only meet the sitter on the day they turn up (assuming they do!) I’ve heard all the horror stories and avoiding all that is why people choose me, and are happy to pay for the privilege.

Oh, and because I’ll be mostly working from home rather than out sightseeing like many of the sitters from the free housesitter sites, you’ll know someone is at the property pretty much day and night – great for security and company for pets too 🙂

Please contact me to discuss and I can give you an estimated daily fee. Once I’ve visited, I can confirm an exact price.


With Peace of Mind, there are no hidden extra charges  – so my UK house sitting prices give you even more peace of mind 🙂 For each sit, what we quote is what you’ll pay. But with me, you get a lot of benefits most agencies charge extra for…

  1. The agreed fee includes a pre-confirmation visit (usually involves at least half a day of my time), professional indemnity / personal liability insurance, and travel expenses to/from your property.
  2. Unlike agencies, I do not charge you for my own food and drink (really, why would I?!!) Just let me know before you go if any fresh food needs eating up or garden fruit, veggies or herbs I can use. ALL cupboard food that is in date will be left for your return.
  3. Any additional expenses incurred are simply those you would pay yourself ordinarily should you be home, such as for pet food (if too little stock is provided), veterinary services, emergency call outs (such as for plumbing, electric or gas problems), bespoke garden work, or other services to be agreed prior to confirming the sit.
  4. If you would like me to get in food or other provisions for when you get back home or organise a supermarket delivery, just let me know within at least 3 days of your return date.
  5. If you are delayed returning home, I do not charge up to one day over the agreed dates.
  6. VAT is included.

If your return home is delayed unexpectedly, including due to Covid-19 travel advice, I will stay on if possible or help with any arrangements with friends, family or neighbours. If you decide to extend your trip and I am free to stay on, this will require a new reservation and charges will apply.

All terms & conditions are laid out clearly in the Client Agreement we will co-sign prior to confirming your booking.


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